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We publish insights from our portfolio companies on topics such as entrepreneurship and tech.

Sent monthly.


Bootstraw sends you startups, domains, newsletters and projects for sale.

Sent weekly.


A daily summary of the most important AI and Tech news, selected from 50+ media outlets.

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Subscribe to get nuanced essays and hopeful Vegan news right into your inbox, every month.

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The Marketing Kit

The Marketing Kit replaces unreliable freelancers with designs, marketing & programming tasks delivered so fast that it will blow your mind.

Sent weekly.

The Jones Insurance Insider

A one-stop-shop for insurance news and COI management tips built for property management teams and construction professionals.

Sent monthly.
InvestingReal EstateInsuranceProperty ManagementNewsPropTech

The Faith Herald

Throught provoking articles on christian living and personal growth, uplifting messages and faith motivation.

Sent monthly.

More Than A Job

More Than A Job is a weekly newsletter where we discuss work-life balance, the future of work, and self-development.

Sent weekly.

Leave it to Anna

If you would like to make new discoveries and enrich your life with small luxuries, subscribe to my newsletter and Leave it to Anna!

Sent weekly.

Lake Norman Moves

Lake Norman is a man-made lake north of Charlotte, NC and acts as the cultural and recreational hub for the region.

Sent daily.

House of Leadership

Join leaders getting high-quality actionable leadership tips from a day in the life of a senior leader directly to your inbox.

Sent weekly.

Home Body

Introverts outreach, midlife-climate crises and kitchen-sink creativity

Sent weekly.


Leverage psychology, leadership and more to be happier at work and accelerate your career.

Sent weekly.


A magazine about human machine relations, the psychology of social media and artificial intelligence, art and culture.

Sent weekly.

Critical Linking

Weekly roundup of the best journalism and writing and recommendations for what to watch, read, listen to, and more.

Sent weekly.

7 for Sunday

An email containing my reflections on interesting things I find laying about, seasoned with some quotes from my collection.

Sent weekly.

Think and Invest

Welcome to Think and Invest, your source for simplified finance and investing insights. Join and improve your investing skills every week!

Sent weekly.

The Wild Dandelion

The Wild Dandelion is a space where we embark on a journey of connection through the power of poetry and prose.

Sent monthly.

The LifeWalk

The LifeWalk is your guided path to exploration and growth where we explore how to trust your intuition and live your most authentic life.

Sent weekly.
WellnessSelf helpMental Health

The Focal

We are a free weekly newsletter sent every Monday about anything relating to being more productive or positive in either personal or professional lifestyles.

Sent weekly.
ProductivityPositivityMental HealthMindsetLifeCareerPsychology

Superpower Daily

Stay ahead in AI with Superpower Daily - your daily dose of AI news and insights. Read by over 100,000 others from Meta, Google, Benchmark, Accel and Microsoft.

Sent daily.

Startups and Devs

At Startups && Devs, we curate 50 software engineering jobs from high-quality startups.

Sent weekly.

Side Hustle Digest

Turn your passion into a business without giving anything up before being profitable.

Sent weekly.
EntrepreneurshipSide HustlesSolopreneurBusiness

Secure by Design

Learn to build softwares that cannot be hacked.

Sent monthly.
Software DevelopmentSoftware ArchitectureCybersecurityOWASPProgrammingDevelopmentCoding

Retire in Bali

A recipe for obtaining financial freedom in Bali, as well as some thoughts about financial independence from a first-world expat point of view.

Sent weekly.
Retirement PlanningFinancial FreedomFinance

Reformed Southerner

Reformed Southerner is an exploration in fiction in short and serial forms, ridiculous research performed in the name of storytelling and more.

Sent weekly.

Nomad Listings

Nomad Listings is the newsletter that will bring you bi-monthly curated long-term accommodations that can fit your budget.

Sent monthly.
Travel Art

Join - a collective of 800 ML engineers and AI artists pushing the boundaries of AI art and creative algorithms.

Sent daily.

Layer by Layer

A 5-minute weekly email of inspiring 3D printing models, tutorials, tips, tricks, and the occasional funky Benchy.

Sent weekly.

Law and Global DisOrder

Law & Global (Dis)Order, by Kiran Nasir Gore, presents musings on the intersections of globalization, business, law, tech & dispute resolution.

Sent monthly.

Frontend Daily

Frontend Daily is a newsletter that provides web developers with the latest news, trends, and resources related to frontend development.

Sent daily.
Web DevelopmentWeb DesignSoftware

Fast Food Secrets Club

Fast Food Secrets Club provides a free newsletter Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that is filled with fast food / dine-in coupons, menu hacks, recipes and more.

Sent daily.

Dare You

A home for my love of writing, introspective excavation, and self expression.

Sent weekly.
Self DevelopmentJournal


l am a project crypto research analyst and l write on the topics of Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Growth.

Sent weekly.
Web3CryptocurrencyBlockchain and Growth

Business Hub

Lets discuss Business, Economics, Finance, and more! Join us for quick and insightful articles!

Sent weekly.

Boiling The Ocean

A brand new newsletter covering everything Strategy Consulting, for current and aspiring consultants.

Sent weekly.

Arthinkal Magazine

Arthinkal Magazine is a weekly online magazine that publishes brief biographies of influential personalities from all walks of life and articles on interesting subjects.

Sent weekly.


Get smarter on Formula 1 Bi-weekly newsletter to help you learn the sport and stay updated with the latest F1 news & insights.

Sent weekly.
SportsFormula 1

AI Led Growth

AI Led Growth is a newsletter about the latest in AI tools and news that help with growth marketing.

Sent weekly.

Abbas Daily

A daily journal of all things and thoughts happening within Abbass mind and around him.

Sent daily.
Life JournalArtsWriting

Why Try AI

Substack newsletter with a special focus on beginner-friendly tools and helpful tips for getting started with generative AI.

Sent daily.

Weight Loss Buzz

Weight Loss Buzz brings you free weekly weight loss news, tips, & reviews you can trust. Bust myths, debunk claims, make informed decisions and achieve your goals with confidence.

Sent daily.


A newsletter about letting go of what we have been told we should wear so that we can discover our own authentic personal style.

Sent weekly.

Travel Tuesday

Enjoy a weekly dose of wanderlust filled with top travel deals, gear, and inspo for your next adventure.

Sent weekly.

The Xenin Universe

Free monthly Science-Fiction and Fantasy stories, and a bit about my writing process. Come and see!

Sent weekly.

The Wanderer

Artist from Japan, sharing jottings on travel, art and explorations from this beautiful world of ours.

Sent weekly.

The Stump

I have an opinion about everything, and this blog is the place to share it.

Sent weekly.

The Life Purpose Newsletter

The newsletter is a free weekly newsletter designed to inspire our big ones to find, live, and unleash their life purpose.

Sent weekly.
Personal DevelopmentSpiritualityLifestyle

The Inn

The Inn, your daily destination for a curated selection of stories that explore the diverse spectrum of growth, success, failure, and much more.

Sent daily.

The Honey Badger

Communicate effectively, achieve your goals by knowing what to say and when.

Sent weekly.
TelesalesBusiness DevelopmentVideo Call SalesSelf DevelopmentMarketing

The Daily Lead

A daily dispatch of the best freelance leads from around the web.

Sent daily.
BusinessRemote WorkFreelancerCopywritingGraphic Design

The Builder Journey

Tips on building and marketing to build a location-independent income as a digital nomad builder.

Sent weekly.
EntrepreneurshipStartupTechAudience BuildingTwitterEntrepreneurshipStartupTechAudience BuildingTwitter

The Apostles Grace

The Apostles Grace is through the Reflections of Apostles in endeavoring to offer readers a rare glimpse into the divine revelations.

Sent weekly.
ReligionSpiritualityFaithWellness and Health.

TechFinitive Weekly Roundup

Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive premium TechFinitive content and business technology reporting that matters. All delivered directly to your inbox.

Sent weekly.


SumRead offers daily, concise summaries of the best non-fiction books, narrowed down to 3-7 min reads.

Sent daily.
Non-fiction booksEntertainment


Your go-to resource for mastering the art of Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies.

Sent weekly.
MarketingStart upsBusiness

Soft Life Journal

My thoughts on pursuing a soft life full of joy, ease, self-love, comfort, growth and abundance.

Sent weekly.
Personal DevelopmentSelf ImprovementLifeLifestyle

Screen Views

Mostly film, television, music reviews, celebrity profiles, industry news, and more.

Sent weekly.


Follow Ken Gagne as he works remotely and travels the country and world as a digital nomad and dogsitter from Massachusetts.

Sent monthly.

Research Bookmark

Research Bookmark is for UX professionals, serving as a valuable resource hub aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of individuals in the field of User Experience.

Sent daily.


The OSINTSUM provides a concise and unbiased summary of recent geopolitically-significant events.

Sent weekly.
NewsGeopoliticsPolitical RiskPoliticsCurrent Affairs


Every Tuesday you will discover under-the-radar growth tools and tactics that help successful indie hackers grow online.

Sent weekly.


Personal growth and self-reflection through fiction and creative nonfiction. Sent weekly.

Sent weekly.

Living in the US

A port where journeymen rediscover the US through architecture, super-volcanoes, village family heritages, and more!

Sent daily.
CultureInternationalPersonal Development


By subscribing, you are staying updated and taking a pivotal step toward global career success. Reach for the world with LevelUp.

Sent weekly.

Just The Tips

Up Your Game And Stay In The Know. Join 30,000 subscribers and get our 5 min newsletter on tips, reviews and all the latest news in the greatest sport in the world.

Sent weekly.


A substack for music discovery and discussion — articles with playlists totaling over 40 hours of older & newer music you probably have not heard.

Sent monthly.


Delve into actionable health tips, explore novel wellness strategies, and stay abreast of the latest scientific findings.

Sent weekly.
HealthWellnessLongevityScientific InsightsSelf Improvement

Growth Archive

Join our free weekly newsletter to discover profitable startups early growth methods that worked and the challenges they faced.

Sent weekly.

From Julias Desk

From Julias Desk is a newsletter about film and culture in Berlin, with an extra portion of content on Central and Eastern Europe.

Sent monthly.

Fintech World

Stay updated on fintech trends and innovations. Join 500 fintech enthusiasts and get exclusive info, insights, and updates.

Sent weekly.

Feminist Founders

A newsletter for equity-centered entrepreneurs who want their business to be a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Sent daily.

Faster Than Normal

Faster Than Norma is a bi-weekly newsletter with systems, frameworks, and resources for self-improvement.

Sent weekly.
Personal DevelopmentBusiness NichesLifestyle

Earn Out Loud

The monthly newsletter covering personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship.

Sent monthly.
Personal FinanceInvestingEntrepreneurship


A monthly newsletter for the creatives figuring stuff out along the way, you are not alone.

Sent monthly.


Relentless Resistance. A serialized book, text and audio of the true story of the infamous Presidio 27.

Sent monthly.
PoliticalHistoric Non-FictionShort StoriesMusings


Contented is where I share my ideas to live a more fulfilling life with purpose, peace, gratitude and satisfaction.

Sent daily.

Cadence Weekly

Every Tuesday, receive an update on endurance news, bucket list endurance races & activities, and podcast & playlist suggestions for your next run.

Sent weekly.

Bench Ant

This newsletter is about the ongoing things in the (cloud) infrastructure and data industry.

Sent weekly.

Balanced Pursuit

A newsletter that offers practical insights, guidance, challenges, and reflection.

Sent weekly.
ProductivityDecision-MakingGrowthSelf DevelopmentProductivityDecision-MakingGrowthSelf Development

Architecture Insights

A newsletter covering topics in artificial intelligence curated for architects, landscape architects, and interior designers.

Sent weekly.
DesignArchitectureArtificial Intelligence

Dense Discovery

Join 43,000 readers for carefully curated discoveries in design, tech, sustainability and urbanism.

Sent weekly.

WebDev Town

A weekly newsletter that brings you the most useful links in the world of web development.

Sent weekly.


Learn about proven strategies and resources that actually help you grow your startup.

Sent weekly.

The Short Corner

The Short Corner is a free newsletter that caters to all types of soccer enthusiasts, whether casual or obsessed.

Sent weekly.
SportsSoccerPremier League


Curiosity driven learning: I discuss global issues, science and music.

Sent weekly.
ScienceMusicGlobal Issues


One quick read to inspire and enlighten.

Sent daily.


Your go-to for web3 business ideas and resources.

Sent weekly.


Quotes from philosophers, mystics, scientists, and poets.

Sent weekly.


Engaging articles, stellar music, happy hour-worthy cocktails and more.

Sent weekly.


Join entrepreneurs & investors looking for their next acquisition.

Sent weekly.


Merging the world of mathematical modelling and finance.

Sent weekly.
AIMachine LearningForexEconomy

Advice, insights, and inspiration to help engineers grow.

Sent weekly.
DevelopmentProgrammingSoftware EngineeringCareer Growth

Social Studies

News & analysis from Tech Twitter and Social Sciences.

Sent weekly.
Techbusinesspsychologyphilosophyeconomicsanthropologysociologysocial sciencestrategyventure capitalstartups

Sunday TL;DR

Thoughts & lessons learned trying to build a business.

Sent weekly.


For adventurers who can’t wait for the weekend.

Sent daily.


Inside the global environmental justice movement.

Sent weekly.

Spark Edition

Inspiring articles, clever tools, & fun links.

Sent biweekly.
LifestyleCreativeinspirationtoolslearnbusinessself helptravel


Digital design with a thick typography.

Sent bi-weekly.
Designdigital designgraphic designuiuxbrandingtypography

Good Energy

Renewable energy and climate news.

Sent weekly.
Newsclimate changeenergysolarwindhydropowerenergy policyrenewable energy


The best business podcasts delivered to your inbox.

Sent weekly.
Marketingentrepreneurshipindie hackerspodcasts


Practical design thinking.

Sent monthly.
Designuxproduct designservice designmanagementengineering

Influence Weekly

What the Influencer Marketing industry reads.

Sent weekly.

No CS Degree

Inspiring interviews with developers without CS degrees.

Sent 2x weekly.
Developmentno codemakerbuildentrepreneur

Maker Mind

The intersection of neuroscience and entrepreneurship.

Sent weekly.


Get the best content creators in your inbox, every week.

Sent weekly.


Insights into the best tech stories of the week.

Sent weekly.
Techproductprofessional development

Mark Manson

Unapologetic advice about getting the most from life.

Sent monthly or so.

UX Booth

The latest posts & resources from the web.

Sent weekly, with over 100k subscribers.
DesignUXUIWeb design


Marketing tips, trends, and insights.

Sent weekly.
MarketingABMsalescontent marketingdemand generation


Learn from founders of failed and successful startups.

Sent weekly.
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